It is time to create conversations about the importance of balance...

You may know Jay Shipston as one half of Triple M’s Jay and Dave for breakfast radio show but did you know he is a proud feminist? Well he is and when asked to be part of the JSP International Women’s Day (IWD) online campaign he embraced the idea with an open heart.

 After posting a sneak peek photo of our photo shoot for the #balanceforbetter on social media a few weeks back a comment was left on his post from a man who clearly wasn’t in support of the cause.

He said, “Women already have too much too say, don’t encourage them”.

 So, Jay took to the airwaves.

 “I spoke about this on our breakfast show and the callers put him and his remarks back in his place.”

Jay believes it is very possible to have a gender-balanced world, but it will take some time.

“Education and awareness is how we will achieve this. I know we have some obstacles and time to travel before we get there.”

But while we travel to a gender- balanced world Jay is happy to celebrate the women in his life.

The leading ladies in Jay’s life who are strong and resilient are his mums and sisters who embody these traits.

 “My work colleges, my thespian family, which has many strong women. All of these women I look at with absolute admiration. They definitely are a force to be reckoned with.

“Very proud to have them in my life”.  

 Jay said Queensland Women’s Week and International Women’s Day were a great launch pad to have more women’s voices heard.

“What I think will happen, more women and men will take notice of projects like this, like IWD and others and will start create conversations and more projects to make the balance that is needed to make a gender-balanced world a reality.”