Soul Sessions

Love letters & writing from the heart

This event was all about the art of letter writing and storytelling from the heart. Along with speakers who had written a love letter to who they are, audiences were inspired and motivated by their stories to help build self-esteem, find passion, faith and the power of resilience and rebellion. The event included a letter writing workshop, hosted by JSP founder Fallon Drewett. Guests had the opportunity to pen their own letter to uplift and unlock the big magic within. The event focused on building confidence, clarity and connection.

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Leading Ladies

Beyond the Fairytale

All women are the Leading Ladies of their lives. It is the beauty of female stories, the resilience, honesty, vulnerability and inspiration that has the power to bring about change and hope to the lives of many women living in our community. Life isn’t always a fairytale or a filter on social media, it is real, raw and what we make it. We have the strength to move through adversity and create our own happy endings. The even included stories form the sisterhood, re-imagined, modern fairytales with a dash of inspiration and a self-esteem boost.

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Fabulous Figures

This new vision is about rebuilding the foundations of women’s self-belief system, by accepting their unique features and being proud of who they are. It is about the strength and vulnerability that comes with sharing our stories and being brave enough to show the world who we are, scars and all.

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Stories from the Sisterhood

The Just Saying Project’s Stories from the Sisterhood was an afternoon of inspirational stories from several fabulous female speakers. Each woman spoke about many different topics and how those stories made who they are. Stories included a letter to their 21-year-old self, their turning points in life, their first loves, the moments that changed their lives, following their hearts, finding inner bravery and how they never gave up.

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Fabulous Faces

Part of these exhibitions was to express the affect negative and positive words, the stories of who we are have on our self-esteem. These exhibitions were created to breakdown the stereotypes of what beauty is and rebuild a new vision of female beauty.

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