Fabulous Faces

Part of these exhibitions was to express the affect negative and positive words, the stories of who we are have on our self-esteem. These exhibitions were created to breakdown the stereotypes of what beauty is and rebuild a new vision of female beauty. This new vision is about rebuilding the foundations of women’s self-belief system, by accepting their unique features and being proud of who they are. It is about the strength and vulnerability that comes with sharing our stories and being brave enough to show the world who we are, scars and all.

Bethany Ellefson SHP-WEB.jpg

“You are made up of trillions of cells and all they care about is you. Show them some love in return and be proud of the amazing things your body can do.

I suffered from severe mental illness and eating disorders in high school and felt absolutely hideous. During recovery I became detached from my physical appearance and instead focused on my inner strength. Since then I have been mostly content with my appearance but do not dwell on it.”

- Bethany Ellefson
📷 Sarahhearts photography


“Embrace your individuality. You have something that someone else wants.”

- Teyha Mills

Heather Walker AW-WEB.jpg

“I love all of me; this is what I was given.”

- heather walker
📷 Amanda Ward Photography

Joan Murray JM-WEB.jpg

“The visual impressions (of beauty) are usually what are first assessed. I believe if you try to move past that it doesn't always have to be the overall image you end up considering as beautiful. Sometimes it’s a feature, emotion, behaviour, gesture or movement.”


“I struggled with the way I looked for most of my life, bullied into believing I was ugly. Years on I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a disorder that leads a person to believe they are revolting and hideous. I couldn't leave the house without makeup, or crying, and most times I couldn't even leave the house. Now at age 22, I'm finally starting to accept the person I am and learning to love myself. I'm not that hideous person I saw in the mirror years ago. I'm the mother of two gorgeous children. I'm kind, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, strong willed, persistent, and strong in body and mind. I'm more than my appearance.”

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“My advice is to love the skin you are in, is to relax and be kinder to yourself. There are plenty of people in life that will find fault with you, there's no need to join in.”

- Amber Malowiecki
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Marguerette Bane MC-WEB.jpg

“I appreciate I am no "beauty". Sometimes I'm ok with that and other times it's a major problem for me. There needs to be more emphasis on the person you are rather than external looks.”

- Marguerette Bane

Melanie Kemp AW-WEB.jpg

“The outside doesn’t matter as long as you are happy, healthy and loved. The superficial aspects don't matter. “

- Melanie Kemp

Nicole Dennis MC-WEB.jpg

“I think my relationship with beauty, like for most females, was formed at a young age when I was unhappy with my body and the way I looked. I've had to work really hard on healing that relationship and challenging negative beliefs about the way I look. It is still evolving, but for me, each year I age I feel more confident in my own beauty.”

- Nicole Dennis with daughter Madelyn
📷 Melissa Cooney Photography

Rosanne Kirby JM-WEB.jpg

“No one is born perfect; we are not created that way. The truth is growing older is an accomplishment, so stop obsessing over what you perceive as flaws, and own it. As women, we have been indoctrinated our entire lives about what it means to be beautiful by companies who tell us what is wrong with us to sell their products. We only get one chance at life. Be present and enjoy the life you have with the skin you are in.”

- Rosanne Kirby
📷 Jocelyn MacKenzie Photography