bringing soul back to women's lives one word at a time


The Just Saying Project is an inspirational approach to helping women build the confidence to truly love who they are. It’s an ever-growing community-driven dialogue, to find and share connections within our true beings.

Whether it’s through photographic exhibitions, panel and speaker sessions, interactive workshops and even a real-body runway, each project and event promotes honest and uplifting females conversations.

Why The Just Saying Project?

There are many four-letter swear words. “Fear” is one. And “just” is another.

Fear is a universal female feeling and there are many moments in a woman's life where fear takes over, no matter how hard we try we can't shrug it off.

Fear” and “just” go hand in hand.

I’m just a mum”, “I’m just a nurse,” “I’m just a woman.”

Just” is the fear to be powerful and brave. The fear that what we are isn’t enough. It shows that we think less of who we are, undervalue our abilities and shy away from the light within us.

Fallon Drewett began The Just Saying Project in 2015 to give women the freedom to embrace who they are and the confidence to say out loud it’s okay to 'just be me'.

Just” disconnects from fear to become a word of power. Not timid or shrunken, but brave and alive.

One word is all it takes to change the conversation of who we are. So, who are you? Just really?


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