Dear Body...

Photo // SarahHearts Photography

Photo // SarahHearts Photography

Dear Body,

To your bumps, scars and lumps, your story lines.

Lines on your face, strong skin, tough heart.

Heart, it beats loud and soft.

Softly your breathe sighs in and out searching for peace.

Peace and pieces of me, finding a path to embrace and care.

Care isn’t a commodity it is vital to who we are.

Are we too worried about what you look like rather than your purpose and strength?

Strength is where my power lies not the number on the scales.

Scales are covered all over me from past hurt, words and expectations. I cover you because I am ashamed of my size.

Size should not matter. How we shape ourselves and talk about you is what needs to matter.

Matter, grey matter, that is. How I think and feel about you changes from day to day sometimes it is negative other times positive.

Positives there so many of them, but I forget about them, because I am not picture perfect.

Perfectly amazing you grew and housed my babies, you have lived with a thyroid condition and lately I haven’t shown you the same respect.

Respect, is a word I don’t always abide by when it comes to you. So many excuses ‘too tired’, ‘not enough time’ and ‘who cares’ have become mantras instead of saying I respect you and love you and showing it through action.

Action speaks louder than words, it is time to appreciate the wonder that is you and how blessed I am to have the body I do.

I do promise to be myself and work towards evolving and growing.

Growing my self –love and remembering you are mine and no one else’s to judge, touch, comment, silence, harass, or decide.

I decide how to celebrate, nourish and move my body.

Body you are a modern marvel, you carry my spirit, allow me to achieve and above all you give me the chance to be more than I could possibly dream.

Dream and wash away the shoulds, the bullies, the filters, the bullshit, perfection and lies.

Lies. What lies in all of us is faith and beauty and it is all within