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The real revolution where we all can eat cake...

As women we feel the pressures to be perfect, to be more than we are.

Now is the time to disrupt to start the Real Revolution.

Time to redefine beauty, by not looking at our bodies but asking how does your body feel?

Our bodies are not decorations they are machines that are strong and powerful.

In a world where we spend more on beauty than education, now is the time to call out on the manipulation, perfect illusions, Facetune, photoshop and filter.

Covering up is not how we fix the problem, education is. Self-love and care is vital to changing the mindset and stereotypes ingrained in our culture.

Now it the time to be real. And by real I mean being you, what you feel deep within your skin- your truth, your purpose, your passion.

Forget the labels with the numbers on them the only label you need to love is the one called “MY SIZE.”

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Face forward on your flaws

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

The Queen from Snow White asked this question pretty regularly, hoping the mirror would say her name.

When I look in the mirror these days, I am fair, and by fair, I mean fairly certain I have seen better days. The other day I woke up and said to the mirror “good grief is that my face? “ And to quote my father, it looked a bit like a chewed caramel”.

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