The gift of giving to ourselves

WHAT is the greatest gift a woman wants?

It is the desire to be valued.

There is worth in the value of being valued.

Women deserve to feel worthy, considered and appreciated for what they bring to the table both professionally and personally.

When it comes to the monetary values of a woman’s worth there is no limit to their self-esteem gains.

Last week I got thinking about the commodity of value in our lives.

Is our value measured by what others perceive us to be, by the amount with give or by what we believe we are worth?

As a wife, mother and female, there are days where I measure my value based on my contribution to running a household, keeping the kitchen tidy, making sure the washing is done and there is food in the fridge.

Other days I measure my value on raising my son to be the best he can be; then the rest of the week it is about my personal development and creating a new career.

Most days I do it while switched on auto pilot, then there are days where I do my duties, waiting to be thanked for everything I do. Those days when I need constant validation, that I am doing a good job at raising my son and creating a beautiful home they are the days when I don’t value you myself.

I am actually waiting for my husband, family, pretty much anyone to say thanks for all you do. And yes I am thanked for my role as mum, wife, all round fabulous female, but why do I need a constant reminder that I am valued.

Should it go without saying that all women are valued for their jobs and roles?

Not really. 

Women still have a complex about feeling undervalued, because unfortunately women still feel irrelevant and lesser than. And why? We have proven time and time again, just how fantastically flexible we can be, how magnificent we are at multi-tasking and how our super inner strength can turn a shrinking violent into Snapdragon.

We have the hidden gem of value inside us, we just have to dig deep and find it.

Once we have found it we need to polish and make it shine, because the gift of value can be given to us by others but we can’t always wait around to accept such a gift.

You see the gift of value is one we can give ourselves each day. We can value everything we do, achieve and create. Believing in our own self wealth is important. It not only creates an honest value system, it reminds us that what we do is of worth, that there is value in who we are.

But can I be frank; I do like the occasional bunch of flowers from my husband. Oh and perfume and shoes are also fabulous gifts too.